GeoDiscovery NZ is a consortium of local research organisations that have partnered with international geoscience programmes to undertake large-scale research projects on Earth processes and change. The current members are GNS Science, NIWA, University of Auckland, Victoria University of Wellington and University of Otago.

Our main purpose is to coordinate geoscience discovery and research with particular relevance to the New Zealand region, with a focus on fundamental Earth processes, geological hazards, biodiversity and climate change.

The aims of GeoDiscovery NZ are to:

  • Promote scientific discovery through coordination of large-scale international research projects.
  • Coordinate and facilitate participation of New Zealand scientists, students and educators in international geoscience programmes, such as the International Ocean Discovery Program and the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program.
  • Promote opportunities for Early Career Researchers
  • Compile and disseminate information on infrastructure, equipment, databases, and expertise related to geoscience research in New Zealand.
  • Help to build closer links between geoscientists, industry, government and local communities.
  • Promote science education and communication through effective outreach initiatives.

Information on our current projects and news can be found in Latest News.