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International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) - International

IODP is the largest existing international marine geoscience program

It explores Earth's history and structure as recorded in sediments and rocks beneath the seafloor and monitors subseafloor environments.

The program builds upon the earlier successes of the Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) and Ocean Drilling Program (ODP), which revolutionized our view of Earth history and global processes in the course of 40 years of ocean basin exploration.

IODP greatly expands the reach of these previous programs by using multiple drilling platforms to achieve its scientific goals, which are outlined in its current science plan.

The scientific rationale, including the main research themes and challenges to be addressed over a decade of ocean drilling as well as containing information on the future administrative structure of the program, is included in the new IODP Science Plan for 2013-2023.

Learn more about the International Ocean Discovery Program from the IODP webpage.