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GeoDiscovery NZ Archive 2011

2011 GeoDiscovery NZ Events

GeoDiscovery NZ Events during 2011

New Zealand Participation in IODP through End of Current Program in 2013

After failing to secure government funding for the IODP annual membership fee, New Zealand relinquished its national membership earlier this month; however, with the help of our Australian partners, NZ institutions can choose to remain a part of IODP for the final two years of the current program by paying a minimum AU$20,000 membership fee directly to the Australian IODP Office (16 December 2011)

Update Regarding the Next Phase of Scientific Ocean Drilling

The co-chairs of the International Working Group Plus (IWG+) provide an update on agreements between NSF, MEXT and ECORD regarding the framework for the new programme, the "International Ocean Discovery Program", which will begin 1 October 2013 if funded (15 November 2011).

IODP Expedition 317 Post-cruise Workshop Highlighted in the Timaru Herald

The Timaru Herald ran a story about IODP Expedition 317 Canterbury Basin Sea Level and the post-cruise workshop being held in Oamaru on 16-17 November 2011 (15 November 2011)

Results of the IODP Indian Ocean Workshop in Goa, India (17-19 October 2011)

The IODP Indian Ocean Workshop was held in Goa, India on 17-19 October 2011 to discuss projects for future Indian Ocean drilling, as the JOIDES Resolution is scheduled to be in the Indian Ocean at the end of the current program in late 2013. The workshop themes covered Cenozoic oceanography and climate change, monsoons, tectonics and volcanism and the deep biosphere. The aim is to submit final proposals for evaluation during the April 2012 Proposal Evaluation Panel meeting for potential drilling in 2014 (3 November 2011).

Future of New Zealand Membership in IODP Uncertain

The future of New Zealand's membership in IODP is uncertain after failing to secure government funding (25 October 2011)

U.S. National Research Council Committee Report on the Accomplishments of Scientific Ocean Drilling

The U.S. National Research Council appointed an ad hoc committee (that included Dr. Tim Naish of Victoria University of Wellington) to review the accomplishments of scientific ocean drilling during the Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP), Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) and Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) in preparation for potential renewal of the program in 2013. The committee concluded that these programs have been very successful, contributing to a wide range of accomplishments within a number of Earth science disciplines, and that the new science plan identifies compelling challenges with potential for transformative science that can only be addressed by scientific ocean drilling (25 October 2011).

Scientific Drilling Issue No. 12 (September 2011) Available

The latest issue of Scientific Drilling (September 2011) is now available online, with articles featuring recent IODP expeditions around the New Zealand region, including IODP Exp. 317 (Canterbury Basin), Exp. 318 (Wilkes Land) and Exp. 325 (Great Barrier Reef) (25 October 2011)

IODP Expedition 336 Mid-Atlantic Ridge Microbiology Commences

Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Expedition 336 Mid-Atlantic Ridge Microbiology set sail from Barbados on 17 September 2011 for a two-month expedition to examine the subseafloor deep biosphere along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (20 September 2011)

Japan Drilling Earth Science Consortium Letter to the Ocean Drilling Community

A letter to the scientific ocean drilling community from the Japan Drilling Earth Science Consortium (J-DESC) in response to the letter from the US National Science Foundation (NSF) regarding the future of funding for the JOIDES Resolution (20 September 2011)