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GeoDiscovery NZ Archive 2012

2012 GeoDiscovery NZ Events

GeoDiscovery NZ Events during 2012

IODP Publication Services Seeks Feedback Via Online Survey

The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Publication Services is seeking community input regarding the program's scientific publications via an online survey that is open until 31 October 2012 (24 October 2012)

Brazil Joins IODP as 26th Member Country

Brazil joined 25 other countries in August as the newest member of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (24 October 2012)

Museum of Wellington City&Sea Event: Live with the JOIDES Resolution - 10,000 miles away and 55 million years in the past!

Join GNS Science researchers for an afternoon of hands on activities and a live video chat with Principal Scientist Chris Hollis, who is currently on board the JOIDES Resolution in the North Atlantic (near the location where the Titantic sank) collecting sediment from below the seafloor to study Earth's climate more than 50 million years ago. This event will be at the Museum of Wellington City & Sea (Queen's Wharf) on Saturday, 7 July from 12pm to 4pm, with the live video link at 1pm. (2 July 2012)

Kochi Core Center Open to all IODP Researchers

Kochi Core Center analytical facilities are now open to all IODP researchers worldwide (2 July 2012)

TVNZ Coverage of IODP Exp. 343 JFAST and Other Media Releases

Earlier this year, Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Exp. 343 Japan Trench Fast Drilling Project (JFAST) drilled through the fault zone of the March 2011 Mw 9.0 earthquake in Tokohu, Japan to better understand the processes that cause these large earthquakes. Otago University lecturer Virginia Toy participated on the expedition during April and May. (2 July 2012)

Schedule Change Announced for Upcoming IODP Chikyu Expeditions

Japan's Center for Deep Earth Exploration (CDEX) announced a schedule change for this year's Chikyu IODP operations due to the need to return to the Exp. 343 JFAST site to install a downhole temperature observatory (11 June 2012)

US National Science Foundation to Competitively Solicit Proposals for Operation of JOIDES Resolution

The US National Science Foundation will be soliciting competitive bids for operation and management of the JOIDES Resolution during the International Ocean Discovery Program (11 June 2012)

Marine Resources and Environmental Impact in New Zealand's EEZ

With legislation surrounding environmental impacts from marine resource use in New Zealand's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in parliament, the Science Media Centre hosted a media event to examine issues of resource exploration, environmental risk, etc. in this region (22 May 2012)

Opportunity for NZ Schools - Follow GNS Principal Scientist Chris Hollis on IODP Exp. 342!

Chris Hollis, a principal scientist at GNS Science in Lower Hutt, will be sailing as a radiolarian specialist on the upcoming Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Exp. 342 Paleogene Newfoundland Sediment Drifts. We are connecting with New Zealand schools so that students can follow the expedition online and possibly even have a chance to speak live with Chris or other scientists during the expedition via a ship-to-shore video link! (10 May 2012)