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Current Projects

IODP Exp. 375

Expedition 375 will investigate slow slip events (SSE) along the northern Hikurangi subduction margin (IODP proposals 781A-Full and 781A-Add). Hikurangi SSE recur every ~2 years so we can monitor changes in deformation rate and associated chemical and physical properties surrounding the SSE source area throughout an entire slow slip cycle. Sampling material from the sedimentary section and oceanic basement of the subducting plate and from primary active thrusts in the outer accretionary wedge, in combination with LWD data, will reveal the rock properties, composition, and lithological and structural character of the active faults involved in the SSE, as well as material that is transported downdip to the SSE source region. Coring and downhole measurements from four sites will be integrated with the LWD data collected during Expedition 372 (see above). In addition, borehole observatories will be installed at the thrust fault site and a site in the upper plate to monitor hydrologic, chemical, and physical processes during the SSE cycle.