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GeoDiscovery NZ Newsletters

GeoDiscovery NZ is a consortium of New Zealand scientific research organisations and universities that are engaged in scientific drilling to learn more about Earth’s history, geological hazards and geological resources

The GeoDiscovery NZ Newsletter provides a wealth of information on New Zealand components of international programmes such as IODP, ICDP and ANDRILL, as well as drilling-related updates, workshops, conferences and opportunities. It is currently published (approximately) biweekly.

If you want to receive the newsletter, provide feedback or send information on drilling initiatives in NZ, contact us.

You can download past issues of the GeoDiscovery NZ newsletter by clicking on the PDF files below:

DrillNZNews26.pdf 239.50 kB
DrillNZNews25.pdf 184.42 kB

An alternative archive for past newletter issues is available here