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Seeking an ANZIC scientist: IODP Environmental Protection and Safety Panel

We are actively seeking an Australian or New Zealand representative for the IODP Environmental Protection and Safety Panel (EPSP).

The panel plays an absolutely critical role in the approval process for IODP drilling programs. In essence the EPSP examines and reviews each proposed site, including site survey data (mainly seismic profiles and geological information) and operational plans, to determine if and how drilling operations can be conducted to maximize safety and minimise environmental impact. This is a fascinating and stimulating role, particularly important because the main IODP vessel involved has no blowout preventers. As you can imagine, there are considerable negotiations between proponents of highly ranked proposals and EPSP, with final safety decisions on drill sites in EPSP's hands.

The Terms of Reference are clear and can be found here, but do not mention all the benefits to an explorationist of working with top people from other companies, and the opportunity to review seismic and well data from various frontier areas around the world. With one face‐to‐face meeting per year, plus email assessments, one is probably looking at 10‐12 working days per year. The next meeting of EPSP is from 5 to 7 June in College Station, Texas. All travel costs for this role will be paid for by the ANZIC office, but any representative would have to volunteer their time.

The present Chairman of EPSP is Dr Barry Katz: 'Team Leader ‐ hydrocarbon charge' at Chevron Corporation in Louisiana. Interested candidates can contact Neville Exon (Neville.Exon(at)