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NEW! IODP Expedition 377 Arctic Ocean Paleoceanography (ArcOP)

The overarching goal of the Expedition 377 is the recovery of a complete stratigraphic sedimentary record on the southern Lomonosov Ridge to meet the highest priority paleoceanographic objective: the continuous long-term Cenozoic climate history of the central Arctic Ocean. Furthermore, sedimentation rates two to four times higher than those at the site of IODP Expedition 302: ACEX permit higher-resolution studies of Arctic climate change in the Pleistocene and Neogene. This goal can be achieved by careful site selection, appropriate drilling technology, and applying multi-proxy approaches to paleoceanographic, paleoclimatic, and age-model reconstructions. 

IODP Exp. 377 map

IODP Exp. 377 Arctic map

Expedition Information

Expedition Dates: postponed until further notice

Ports of Call: TBC

Co-chief Scientists:  Prof. RĂ¼diger Stein

List of scientific participants - TBC

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