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NEW! IODP Expedition 378 South Pacific Paleogene Climate

Expedition 378 will investigate the record of Cenozoic climate and oceanography through a drilling transect in the far southern Pacific Ocean. In particular, it will target sediments deposited during the very warm Late Paleocene and Early Eocene including the Paleocene-Eocene boundary, as well as the Eocene-Oligocene transition to investigate how the Eocene earth maintained high global temperatures and high heat transport to the polar regions despite receiving near modern levels of solar energy input. Investigation of the recovered sediments also will constrain the subpolar Pacific climate, oceanographic structure, and biogeochemical cycling of much of the Cenozoic. These sediments will be used to characterize water masses, deep and shallow ocean temperature, latitudinal temperature gradients, the strength of upwelling, and the strength of the zonal winds to study both the atmospheric and oceanic climatic subsystems.

IODP Exp. 378

IODP Exp. 378 South Pacific Paleogene climate map

Expedition Information

Expedition Dates: 3 January to 4 March 2020

Ports of Call: Fiji to Papeete, Tahiti

Co-chief Scientists: Deborah Thomas & Ursula Röhl

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