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ICDP International

The goal of ICDP is to employ the unique capacities of scientific drilling to provide exact, fundamental and globally significant knowledge of the composition, structure and processes of the Earth's crust

ICDP National

New Zealand membership of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) is led by GNS Science, Victoria University of Wellington, Otago, Canterbury, and Auckland Universities

In Lakes

Recovering past records using sediment cores from lakes.

Scientific drilling in a continental setting has a variety of applications in fields as varied as:

  • Understanding fault movements and earthquake generating mechanisms;
  • Exploring for mineral, geothermal, and groundwater resources;
  • Recovering past climate records in shallow cores recovered from lakes, swamps, estuaries, tarns; and
  • Monitoring physical properties down boreholes.
Drilling equipment on the way to Alpine Fault drilling site

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Deep Drilling of the Amazon Continental Margin

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