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International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP)

The goal of ICDP is to employ the unique capacities of scientific drilling to provide exact, fundamental and globally significant knowledge of the composition, structure and processes of the Earth's crust

Key issues which can be addressed with this knowledge are:

  • The study of earthquakes and volcanoes and mitigation of their adverse effects;
  • The evaluation of the relative importance of anthropogenic versus natural forces in controlling climatic and environmental change;
  • The wise use of and exploration for energy, mineral and water resources;
  • The nature of critical interaction between the biosphere and the Earth's crust; and
  • The nature of the changing parameters that control the evolution and extinction of species.

Alex Malahoff and Rupert Sutherland are the New Zealand representatives on the two main boards of ICDP: the Assembly of Governors (AOG) and the Executive Committee (EC), respectively.

The AOG provides financial and scientific oversight, makes major policy decisions and reviews the acceptance of members.

The EC manages the ICDP and has the responsibility to assemble a list of scientifically prioritised projects into an annual Program Plan, with associated annual budget, that constitutes the ICDP Program.

Learn more about the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program from the ICDP webpage.