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Lake Ohau Climate History - Scientific Information

This space is for the science team who are working on LOCH data. For general information and project updates please see our Media & Outreach page.

Lake Ohau sediment trap

Sediment trap at Lake Ohau

Project data
To access project data you will need to request a username and password. Click on this link to complete this process.

You should receive your username/password within 48 hours. Once you receive your username and password you can access and download project data from the GNS Science wiki here.

Please ensure that you contact the relevant data contributor/s if you wish to use/publish/share data. Each project data folder contains a read me text file that provides contact details for data contributors. Access to the project data portal is logged and monitored by GNS Science.

If you have problems or queries regarding the project data portal, or to upload data, please contact Delia Strong or Marcus Vandergoes.