You can consult a comprehensive list of external web links, featuring the most important international programmes in this field, the structure and history of GeoDiscovery NZ, the participating institutions in New Zealand along with the other main national stakeholders.

Under the "Drilling Inventories" link, you will find a list of scientific drilling people, projects and infrastructure. Providing such information to scientists and main stakeholders is one of the main aims of the GeoDiscovery NZ initiative.

One of the subpages provides a hub (and in the future: a common access portal) to explore the existing New Zealand databases containing information on rock, sediment, fossils and core samples and data.

We also host a selection of multimedia material, arranged thematically, so make sure you check out our Continental, Ocean, and Antarctic scientific drilling multimedia galleries.

A few recent meeting, conferences, and presentations that have to do with scientific drilling are also listed in the appropriate subpages.

Drilling Inventories

GeoDiscovery NZ is trying to facilitate exchange of information and access to drilling equipment and expertise, by compiling nationally relevant inventories of scientific drilling-related infrastructure, projects, and people


Currently no single database covers the different needs of various branches of drilling-related research in order to document borehole/well locations, recovered material and associated data

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