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Database Interface

Currently no single database covers the different needs of various branches of drilling-related research in order to document borehole/well locations, recovered material and associated data

In the near-future, New Zealand scientists are striving to develop a common interface that will allow you to query a series of independent databases, having in common their content (related to sediment/rock/core/fossil samples), but being structurally very different as based on a variety of platforms.

The structure and content of databases usually differs as they are used for research, by the mining, coal, gas, oil, energy industry, by Regional and City Councils, or government agencies.

The integration of databases is a long-term aim of GeoDiscovery NZ, as this would add considerable value to them, and make them even more useful to the different branches of society, research and industry mentioned above.

As a first step towards this integration, GeoDiscovery NZ is currently compiling a list of nationally-relevant databases that contain drilling-related information.

Examples of such databases include: